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Hotel overview

      Shenzhen Kylin Villa nestles at the foot of the Kylin Mountain in Nanshan District, Shenzhen and lying beside the beautiful Swan Lake. It is the designated venue for governmental meetings and accommodations, and is the official reception hotel of the 26th Summer Universiade (Shenzhen) and China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo and other significant events. Since its opening up, the Kylin Villa has gained good reputation for its quality service for the clients.

      The villa covers 880,000 square meters, with construction area of 810,000 square meters, 40, 000 square meters of water surface area, and 690,000 square meters. The greenery coverage rate is up to 96%. The villa enjoys convenient transportation environment, and the natural environment of the villa is marvelous. There are hills and lakes, and waterside pavilions are well deployed between them. We can see the egret and cranes flying in the sky freely and happily. It is a picture of harmonious coexist of human an nature. The buildings are well designed according to the landscape. You may find the road leading to an enchanting view, and buildings standing in contrast and supplementary to each other. The living space is well shaped in the natural space. Walking in the tree shade, you can smell the fragrance of the flowers and listen to the chirp of the birds. The sunshine, the breeze, the idleness and tranquility, bring you the most relaxed time. In the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, nothing can be more idle and enjoyable than living in the lakeside villa with a hillview.

       The well-arranged garden architecture consists of villas and VIP guest buildings, which have both traditional Chinese style and the western style, and each of them has their own characteristics. There are 388 guests rooms in total and they are classified in categories, such as Presidential suites, suites, single room, double room, and so on. The hotel has a variety of conference halls, totaling 20. The facilities in the conference halls are advanced and complete. The largest conference hall is the Kylin Hall, which covers 630 square meters and is capable of accommodating more than 500 people for conference or dinner. Our banquet halls and western style cafes provide you with culinary in different flavors, and are capable of accommodating 1500 people for dinner. The unique outdoors tennis courts and swimming pool, and the facilities for leisure and fitness are ideal place for you to relax yourself and regain your energy after work.

       Through years of painstaking efforts, the Villa has grown into the brand hotel for governmental reception and conference in Shenzhen. In recent years, it has become the first choice for people to held a wedding or spend a vocation. We are devoted to improving the environment and the facilities in the villa, and enhancing the service level. We are ready to receive guest afar or near. In the spirit of meticulousness, our qualified staff will work whole-heartedly with their first rate service to ensure each and every business or social event to be held successfully.

Kylinvilla Aerial Photo

Kylinvilla Aerial Photo

Kylinvilla Aerial Photo